Getting Around Brooklyn & NYC

BKLYN House is located within walking distance to the J and M lines of the New York subway, which connects guests to downtown Brooklyn, the Barclays Center, the Metrotech business area, Park Slope, Williamsburg, and the DUMBO. Easy connection into Manhattan to explore New York City’s most popular attractions and neighborhoods—including Chinatown, Little Italy, Soho, Chelsea, and more—is also available from these lines.

A Helpful Transportation Guide

Public transit is the best way to get around NYC. You can drive anywhere you want to go, but parking is usually hard to find and/or expensive. Taxis and Ubers are also reliable transportation options throughout the city.

When you stay at our Bushwick hotel, you can leave your car right here and not have to worry about it for the entirety of your trip thanks to public transit. From our hotel, you can catch the J and M subway trains at Flushing Avenue to your destination of choice. Depending on your destination, you may have to catch a connecting train at the same or nearby station.

For example, if you want to go from here to Battery Park in Lower Manhattan, you’ll take the J train from Flushing Avenue to Broad Street (this journey takes approximately 20 minutes). Then, it’s only an eight-minute walk to the park. If you want to go to Barclays Center in downtown Brooklyn, take the G train from Flushing Avenue to Fulton Street and walk for about 11 minutes to the center. You can even take the train to our local airports, though it’ll take about an hour to get to each.

Consult an MTA map or just plug your destination into your favorite map app and let it do the work.

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